Hall of Fame Sex

This weekend was the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement and Pre-Season Kick off game.

Each year 7 individuals are selected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The HOF Class of 2013 is: Larry Allen, Cris Carter, Curley Culp, Jonathon Ogden, Bill Parcels, Dave Robinson and Warren Sapp.Image

The selection process is lengthy, with multiple candidates, reviews, disagreements, re-votes and finally a consensus to the inductees.

Watching the Enshrinement Ceremony and last nights Dallas v Miami game, I wondered what would a personal Hall of Fame of Sex look like.  If we reflect upon our lovers and partners, who and in what situations would we choose as our Hall of Fame sexual experiences. Just like the real Hall, we can choose seven different lovers or just seven different sexual situations.

What would be your criteria?

Multiple Orgasms

Adventurous LocationImage







Length of Time

Words Shared







While conducting my purely non scientific survey (aka asking my peer group):

Here is their reply:

Female: passionate, intense – example “He was fucking me (missionary), I switched and started fucking him (on top), after a while, he pushed me up and simultaneously slid his tongue down and started eating my pussy….ahhh heaven”

Male: spontaneous, connection

ImageMale: spontaneous, kinky, different than typical sex with that individual “An unexpected quickie with my wife outside of a bar”

Male: “Breath Taking, Sensory Overload, Mind Numbing”, variety is the spice of life, different locations,  after a long time apart and reconnecting

Female: “the time he ate me out like a fat kid at a buffet”

Male: Uninhibited, Getting After It, Dirty “licking, sucking and fucking everywhere” “Doing ordinary things out of the ordinary”

Female: Passionate, repetitive, carnal, taboo. “at work after hours on the chair, desk, floor”

Female: Respect, mutuality, focused on pleasure, lustful, sweaty, intense

Female: Using fun sex toys…its a rarity but when it happens I love it!Image

Female: Ecstasy.  I can’t have Marvelous Sex unless I’m with someone that I think is Marvelous. “I was walking home from partying all night with my boyfriend back in the day.  We had to walk in the park. We had sex on the shuffleboard. That was fun at 3am.”

It appears there is a large variety in criteria for voting on your Hall of Fame sex.  Keep thinking and reflecting…then provide an award to your favorite sex partner.

Share your Hall of Fame sexual experiences…I’d love to hear.

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